BattleSkin is by far the best product out there to protect your skin from the harmful skin infections that affect our athletes every day when competing. I'm proud to recommend a great product that was developed by a great group of people that really understand the needs of young athletes. BattleSkin really makes you feel protected when using it. Plus it feels great when you spray it on your skin! 

JAKE HERBERT, Olympic Wrestler

I had a wrestler use this product 3X’s per day for a ring worm located on the face between the outer eyelash and ear. To my surprise, it was gone within 48 hours. BattleSkin is essential to every wrestling program and the health of your athlete. I would recommend this product to every athlete and sports team today!  

JOHN PHILLIPS Head Wrestling Coach/Athletic Director Irvine High School

This product is what athletes need! When I first learned about BattleSkin, I was relieved to hear that a product like this was going to be available to our athletes. In my opinion, if you're an athlete competing at any level, this is a product you can't go without! I highly recommend this to everyone...

KENDALL CROSS, Olympic Gold Medalist 

We started using Battle Skin this past summer when we had a breakout of skin infections after an off season tournament. There were 13 wrestlers that had ringworm and 4 with impetigo. I sprayed the entire team down before practice and spot treated those with skin infections. Within 5 days we had no wrestlers with skin infections. I continued to spray my wrestlers before each practice for another 3 weeks and we did not have another skin infection in our room!


Craig Lamont 
Champion Wrestling Club Head Wrestling Coach
USAW Executive Board Member
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