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ProBiot+ Mat Cleaner


The Safest & Most Effective Mat Cleaner on the Market!

Formulated with Probiotic Bacteria, BattleSkin’s ProBiot+ Foaming Mat Cleaner is 100% Natural. It’s also Eco Friendly, and microscopically purifies surfaces down to the pores.

For far too long, we have relied on harsh chemical cleaners to disinfect surfaces. These products are often harmful to the environment, as well as humans and pets, and their biocidal properties promote the development of more resistant pathogens.

ProBiot+ contains no toxic chemicals so it’s safe to use in all environments and it requires no special equipment to protect the people handling it. Chemicals in the probiotic spray eliminate pathogens quickly, while colonies of probiotic microbes inhibit their growth for days or even months. ProBiot+ also reduces the survival time of viruses, including COVID-19.

The ProBiot+ Solution

The goal is not to eradicate all microorganisms, but to promote of a balanced microbiome.

  1. Pro Biot+ uses the latest technology in the field of Probiotic Cleaning to prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria, while supporting a healthy microbiome. Unlike traditional chemical or enzymatic cleansers, the 100% Natural Probiotic in ProBiot+ analyzes the surface, then produces highly targeted enzymes that break down and dissolves contaminants for days.
  2. Simply killing unwanted microorganisms causes resistance and instability in the microflora. The probiotic and symbiotic technology of ProBiot+ ensures a stable, healthy microbiome by introducing new microorganisms that encourage the growth of good bacteria. This dual technology creates an efficient and long-lasting cleaning effect.

ProBiot+ has been awarded the EU Ecolabel for detergents and cleaning products and it’s Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold.

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It should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway, if ProBiot+ can safely and effectively clean and disinfect a Wrestling Mat, it can clean and disinfect just about any surface!


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