• Welcome To BattleSkin

    Battleskin has developed a skin conditioning
    protection system with a unique scientific blend.

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    BACTERIA: Cellulitis, Impetigo, Staphylococcal Infections (MRSA)
    VIRUS: Herpes Gladitorum
    FUNGUS: Ringworm-Athletes foot

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  • UFC Fighter Dan Henderson

    "I Recommend That Every Athlete Apply BattleSkin Before And After
    Every Workout, Game And Match"

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The mission of Battle Skin is to assist in education as well as offer possible solutions regarding protection and prevention of most types of various skin infections.

Welcome To BattleSkin

Battleskin has developed a skin conditioning protection system with a unique scientific blend. During the testing of Battleskin our research team discovered that our blend can decrease the chance of skin infections and improve the existing skin infections caused by bacteria, virus, and fungus.


Battleskin & "Clean Essential"

The BattleSkin Team has scientifically blended the ultimate skin care product for the youth to elite athlete of all sports. Our products, "BattleSkin" and "Clean Essential" have been pharmaceutically developed using our unique "EssentialCharge" technology. 

This patented blend has properties that will cleanse, conditions, moisturizes, and soothes the epidermis. During training sessions and competitions, BattleSkin is the perfect blend with tremendous beneficial effectiveness for excellent skin care. Also, in everyday life this anti-aging formula is excellent when applying on a regular basis.


1 BOTTLE  $24.95
2 BOTTLES  $44.95
4 BOTTLES  $79.95

What BattleSkin Customers Say...

"This product is what athletes need! When I first learned about BattleSkin, I was relieved to hear that a product like this was going to be available to our athletes. In my opinion, if you're an athlete competing at any level, this is a product you can't go without! I highly recommend this to everyone..."

KENDALL CROSS, Olympic Gold Medalist

"I had a wrestler use this product 3X’s per day for a ring worm located on the face between the outer eyelash and ear. To my surprise, it was gone within 48 hours. BattleSkin is essential to every wrestling program and the health of your athlete."

JOHN PHILLIPS, Head Wrestling Coach/Athletic Director, Irvine High School

"BattleSkin is by far the best product out there to protect your skin from the harmful skin infections that affect our athletes every day when competing. I'm proud to recommend a great product that was developed by a great group of people that really understand the needs of young athletes."

JAKE HERBERT, Olympic Wrestler

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